Our Services

Greer Building offer’s a wide range of resources, from pre-construction through the life of your building, to help ensure the success of your project. As a leading builder serving North Alabama, we can provide construction management, pre-construction planning, post-construction follow-up, and a range of professional services based on the needs and goals of your project.

Project Delivery Options

Greer Building has the ability and experience to successfully deliver projects in a variety of methods. Our range spans from increasingly popular options, like the design/build approach to construction management, to the traditional design-bid-award scenario. As one of North Alabama’s premier builders, we have worked with clients in diverse industries to successfully complete projects of all sizes and scopes.

Pre-construction Planning

By spending the time to evaluate a project during the pre-construction phase, we are able to eliminate a variety of potential pitfalls. Proper planning can address noise, dust, traffic control, erosion, and safety issues before construction. Addressing any issues before construction, through pre-construction planning, can save you both time and money. Common pre-construction planning may include:

  • Site evaluation
  • Site logistics plans
  • Scheduling
  • Budgeting
  • Project phasing
  • Risk awareness

Construction Services

Greer Building develops a precise strategic plan for each project, and provides essential services, to keep your construction process moving in the right direction. We develop a detailed master list of construction activities and track progress to ensure that all deadlines are met. Construction services may include:

  • Project coordination
  • Site supervision
  • Scheduling
  • Budgeting
  • Safety inspections
  • Quality control

Post-Construction Follow-Up

We enter every construction project with the intent of building a lasting relationship with our clients. We stay in contact with all of our clients and make sure they are satisfied with their building. We know that our job isn’t done as soon as the last brick is laid. Post-construction services may include:

  • Project warranty
  • Follow-up meetings
  • Life-cycle cost analysis
  • Future planning

Contact Us Today for Your Construction Needs

At Greer Building, we focus on putting our expertise and abilities to work for you. When we join your team, we offer everything from pre-construction planning, to construction management. Our professional services have established us as a premier builder serving clients in North Alabama. For more information on getting the best for your project, please contact us today.